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Working at Intermodalics

At Intermodalics, we believe that you should enjoy what you do. For us, work is about having fun, being challenged, and finding balance. We define our success based on both the quality of the work we deliver, and the quality of the lives we lead.

When you work at Intermodalics, you will help solve problems on the edge of what is possible. You will have time to take space from difficult problems, to mull things over in the shower, and to think deeply about your work. We focus on making the right decisions and on the quality of our products

working at intermodalics

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Our Values: FLOW!

FLOW defines who we are, what we do and how we interact with our colleagues and customers. Especially in the most challenging circumstances.


In a high tech environment things change continuously, we iterate and adjust to overcome the problems we encounter. We realize that your personal life is no different and support you fully in finding a healthy work-life balance. Telework is just one of the ways this is implemented.


Our team is diverse in terms of expertise and culture. But our common culture is that we encourage everybody to learn from each other. We have regular FLOW-moments to enhance this knowledge transfer, such as lightning talks and academy sessions.

Open communication

You can get very little done when there’s an elephant in the room ! Things don’t always work out as intended, or expectations were not alligned. We’re sharing our thoughts, and respect all opinions.

Working together

We are working on things no single person can achieve alone. We always team up to find the best mix of competences for a given task. Things are always better when we’re working together!

Employee testimonials

We would like to share some employee testimonials with you because we value our employee’s happiness.
And yes, we are proud when we receive positive feedback from their side!

Johannes, who did his internship in the team in 2018, wrote the following in his report:

”During these eight months, I learned a lot about multiple computer vision concepts, but also about the general working of a private company and the working in a software developer team. I realize that I was given a lot of opportunities, responsibility and trust. Having access to the full code base and being allowed to work in it, is something I don't expect to be possible in most companies. The guidance of my supervisors and other members of the developer team, was great. They were involved, knew what I was doing, helped in case of problems, brought ideas and steered me to the right direction if needed, while still giving me a lot of freedom and responsibility. I could not wish for a better internship environment.

At the company, we're part of an amazing team working on fascinating projects that push the limit of what's possible in robotics. We have a unique environment for professional and personal growth, and we take great care in making this the best possible place to work in.”
Adolfo - Senior Roboticist

"My position is a mix of technical and commercial responsibilities which makes my job interesting and challenging. I love the variety and opportunities and I get to learn while doing.”
Rob - Application Support engineer

"Working at Intermodalics allowed me to improve my skills, while enjoying a friendly and respectful environment."
Ana Rita - Application support engineer

“As a world traveler Intermodalics gives me the opportunity to work remotely, even from the other side of the globe. Where else can you say working feels like vacation?”
Achim - Roboticist