What we do

Since 2010, Intermodalics has been developing software capabilities for autonomous robots and intelligent systems. Our customers are high-tech companies, startups and research institutes world-wide.

We’ve got you covered for advice and implementation of all the major robotics and vision technologies.

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Visual SLAM and Cartographer

We are slam experts, developing, contributing and integrating proprietary and Open Source libraries (like Cartographer, ORBSlam,…) for Visual SLAM, laser-based SLAM, 2D and 3D based SLAM.

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Mobile robots in a wharehouse running on Isaac ROS 2


We integrate the NVIDIA Isaac SDK into ROS 2 applications using the officially supported Isaac ROS stack.


Mobile Robot Navigation

We create and/or tune 2D, 3D and 6D motion planners for robots using Open Source and custom developed software.

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NVIDIA Developer and NVlabs

We integrate the state of the art software libraries from the NVIDIA Developer and NVlabs software repositories.

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Camera Calibration

Extrinsic and Intrinsic Camera Calibration. We use the right camera model, calibration pattern and algorithms for your specific use case.

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Our Expertise in Real-time Motion Control

Our OROCOS development work of the Real-Time Toolkit (RTT) gave us the leading expertise in Real-time Motion Control for both ROS and OROCOS.

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