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Intermodalics assists robotics OEM in achieving reliable mapping, positioning and navigation.

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SLAM in a nutshell

SLAM stands for ‘Simultaneous Localization and Mapping’, it means that while we move around, we track our location while also saving all landmarks we see in a map. You use SLAM when you need to create a map of a new environment in which a mobile robot (or any vehicle) must navigate. It’s what humans do naturally when they enter a new room or environment.

Robot navigation means the robot's ability to determine its own position and then to plan a path towards some goal location.

Step 1: Mapping

  • Similar to how a cartographer draws a world map: we store any recognizable landmark in a file, recording both its shape, location or even color.
  • The resulting map can be overlayed with an existing AutoCAD drawing in order to show locations to a human operator

Step 2: Positioning

  • Positioning refers to the process of determining the robot's location and orientation in a given map.
  • This is typically achieved through comparing sensor readings with the landmarks or coordinates in the map

Step 3: Navigation

  • Navigation is done by setting a new destination and creating a plan to drive there. This is called global planning.
  • The global plan can be a Teach-Repeat or dynamic trajectory
  • Local planning deals with obstacle avoidance

We integrate Positioning and Navigation stacks into mobile robots


  • Visual Positioning
  • LiDAR based Positioning
  • GNSS based Positioning
  • Sensor Fusion (IMU/Odometry)


  • Global Path Planning
  • Local Path Planning
  • Waypoint based navigation
  • Teach-Repeat navigation

Navigation with Obstacle Avoidance

Intermodalics helps with

  • Motion planning consulting for leveraging the ideal algorithm for a given application and problem type
  • Benchmarking competing planning approaches
  • Implementing new path planning algorithms for specific kinematic structures
  • Reviewing current robotics literature and conduct academic surveys for cutting edge solutions
  • Analysing the Technology Readiness Level of motion planning libraries

For over a decade, Intermodalics has been providing cutting-edge solutions in Robotics Navigation