Vision guided navigation for a vacuum robot

Vacuum Robot cleaning a wooden floor

Situation & problem

Our client, a large Japanese robotics company, wanted to launch a medium sized industrial cleaning robot to the market with record speed. In order to be competitive, the client was looking for a partner that could deliver not only fast but also innovative capabilities giving its product both an edge over the competition in features and production cost. They found their ideal partner in Intermodalics, a pioneer in VSLAM and visual positioning technology as well as a long standing robotics software development company.

Intermodalics’ solution

Intermodalics provided a demonstrator robot within a few months, showing key technological capabilities of LIDAR - 2D - 3D sensor fusion for localization and obstacle detection and different robot navigation options. Together with the client we sourced and researched the potential of different sensor technologies and components on the market such as 3D cameras, LIDAR and radar.

We provided the client with the necessary real-world data to make technological and business trade-offs.

Further we industrialized the solution including hardware platform integration and porting the solution to Android and low power ARM chipsets.


We provided the client with a deployable and scalable solution for a mass market and assisted him with deep technological insights to guide business decisions.