Indoor position tracking of pallets and trucks

imsight is a platform to track goods in warehouses

Bulk and Rack space

Using a small camera mounted on each truck, we monitor the location of all your goods on the move, both in bulk and in rack space warehouses.

Rack space location tracking

Track and trace pick-up and drop-off locations of pallets in rack based warehouses

Fleet-level location tracking

Augment your existing forklift fleet to monitor their time and motion efficiency

open space warehouse

Open space location tracking

Track and trace pick-up and drop-off locations of pallets and bulk goods in open space warehouses


  • outperforms radio-based solutions
  • up to 30cm absolute accuracy
  • 3D position + 3D orientation

Low cost

  • no beacon or anchor costs
  • learns & maps on the fly
  • affordable for large warehouses


  • open space areas
  • between racks
  • expedition - storing - loading areas

Discover imSight

The indoor pallet tracking platform for warehouse operations.

Real-time tracking and identification

A warehouse manager can always get a view on the location of any truck and any pallet on the move. Our interactive Web-UI shows a real-time location map in 3D. Any asset is clickable and searchable in our search bar, highlighting the current location in the warehouse.

Traceability of pallet picks and drops

imSight keeps track of all picks and drops of pallets by trucks. It shows which pallet was handled where by which truck at which time. imSight automatically links the barcode scan to the picked pallet, even if the barcode scan happens only later in your logistical process.

Temporal and Spatial heatmaps

The imSight platform generates heatmaps out of the box, to show where most time is spent by your trucks, and which locations are visited the most by trucks, allowing to anticipate bottlenecks or give input for optimising routes.

Localisation of unscanned pallets

imSight knows when pallets have been moved, but have not been scanned. We identify, locate and fix the situation by instructing operators to make the scan.

Our offer

  • We provide tracking units that each have a camera with a small computer included.
  • We work with you and your local maintenance partner to integrate tracking units on your forklifts.
  • We support you with the mapping proces and monitor performance of the application.
  • We provide integration services to connect our track & trace platform with your Warehouse Management System.

Let us get you started!

Starting with our imSight track and trace platform needs only a few steps:

  1. Map your warehouse by driving around one tracking unit on one of your forklifts
  2. Align and annotate the visual map with a floorplan
  3. Upload the visual maps to other tracking units on the other forklifts
  4. Use our webbased imSight tool to lookup asset and goods positions and/or send position updates to your WMS
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